Social responsibility

  • OCHAO rice flour straws are not only the happy for the environment, but it also has an important meaning for the people of Sa Dec flour village. Creating motivation and jobs for the people here, helping people in the craft village be more enthusiastic in production.
  • The above advantages of OCHAO rice flour straws will help everyone get rid of the worry of using plastic straws that are both polluting and not good for health. This is really a big breakthrough in protecting the environment and the health of Vietnamese people.



Ochao is a trademark of Hung Hau Food Company, Ochao Rice Straws are considered a pioneer in the production and distribution of rice straws. The product has many outstanding features as follows::

The raw material for the production of straws is rice flour in the hundred-year-old flour village of Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province, without chemicals, so after using the straws, it will decompose without adversely affecting the environment, people can safely use them. OCHAO rice flour straws can be stored in a normal environment for about 18 months. The straw can stay in shape in normal temperature water and in cold water for about 2 to 4 hours.

Natural color

OCHAO rice flour straws currently have 4 color groups: purple, blue, black and white. These colors are completely natural colors extracted from vegetables, tubers and fruits. Colors such as green are extracted from amaranth leaves, purple and black are made from the colors of beetroot and black sesame. So users can be completely assured when using a straw.

Quality standards

Rice flour straws of Hung Hau Food Joint Stock Company were granted the FDA 2019 certificate (Food and Drug Administration) - the US Food and Drug Administration. Thus, OCHAO rice flour straws and other flour-based products of Hung Hau Food Co., Ltd are qualified for export to the US and European countries. Currently, straws are also being welcomed in the Korean and Japanese markets.



Nowadays, it is easy to see the news about the habitat of marine life being invaded and seriously damaged by plastic waste in the media. Including the plastic straws that we are still using every day, a kind of small item but bring countless dangers to human health and the environment.
Scientists are still doing research to solve this pollution problem.  However, a small thing that can positively change our daily habits is to limit the use of plastic straws, instead. Use biodegradable straws.
And OCHAO rice straws Hung Hau Food Joint Stock Company was appeared as an optimal solution to replace plastic straws.


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